Grill, Scooter's go Green With Reusable to-go Containers

The campus will be a bit greener starting today. In an effort to reduce waste, The Grill and Scooter's restaurant will begin offering reusable containers for to-go meals.

The to-go containers are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and can be exchanged with each to-go meal purchased. Participation in the program requires an initial, one-time payment of $5; participants are given a "Golden Token" that is used in exchange for a to-go container at the time of ordering. The tokens can be purchased from cashiers at the The Grill and Scooter’s.

After using the containers, participants return them to be cleaned by Dining Services staff and receive another "Golden Token," which can be used for future menu purchases.

"Our goal this year is to reduce the waste that Dining Services generates," remarked Gayle Lamb of Dining Services.