Tommies Beware: You're in for a scare.

Do you have what it takes to be among the brave souls who take part in the 22nd annual Haunted Cretin tours tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 26, on south campus? 

Cretin Hall ghost


Tours begin at 8 p.m. and start in the Grace Hall basement with free food, games and prizes, activities, a fortune teller, and a chance to win a pass to the front of the line for "Mary" sandwiches (homemade spreads at the Binz).

The ghostly tours – not for the faint of heart – will wend their ghoulish way through the basement of Cretin Hall … learn why no one ever wants to go down there! The Haunted Hall extravaganza comes to a screeching halt at midnight.

Haunted Cretin is co-sponsored by STAR and RHA.