Heart Hunt Ends; Trio Finds Wooden Heart in Loras Hall

The Wellness Center's Heart Hunt ended early this morning. The hidden wooden heart was found after the fifth and final clue had been posted.

Kate McNeill, Kasey Diekmann, and Ryan Russell found the heart hidden outside of the BEAST Lair in Loras Hall. BEAST (Bike Enthusiasts At St. Thomas) partners with the Wellness Center to provide bike rentals to St. Thomas students. 

The Wellness Center thanks all who participated in this year's hunt.

*  *  *

Today is Day 5 in the Wellness Center’s annual Heart Hunt, and the wooden heart still remains hidden somewhere on campus. The center's Heart Hunt is a fun activity designed to promote healthy relationships. Find the heart and win valuable prizes.

heart2,jpgWinning is simple: Just find the hidden heart and return it to the Wellness Center to receive a $100 gift certificate for Chino Latino, two movie tickets and a $25 gift certificate for Johnson and Sons Florists.

Clues have been given out daily – published in Bulletin Today, and posted on the Wellness Center door (lower level, Koch Commons) and the Wellness Center website. Clue No. 5 (and a healthy relationship tip) is posted below.

Questions? E-mail the Wellness Center.

Clue No. 5

Don't worry, the beasts here can't hurt you!

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 5

A major stumbling block in any relationship is settling disagreements, which often reduce to emotional shouting matches rather than caring problem-solving. Basic ground rules for effectively facing conflict in a relationship include:

  • Maintain a spirit of good will – remember: you care about this person.
  • Avoid attacking on another – discuss behavior, not personalities.
  • Share your feelings – explore and discuss them.
  • Focus on the present – past disappointments cannot be changed. Concentrate on here and now.

From: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Relationships.

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