Heart medallion hunt continues today

Heart medallion hunt continues today

Here are the first two clues to help you find the heart medallion that was mentioned in last week's Bulletin Today. The rest of the clues will be posted on the doors of the Wellness Center and Scooter's.

The Wellness Center is sponsoring the hunt. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to 128 Cafe and two movie tickets.

Heart medallion hunt, Clue No. 1:
Once a 78-acre farm site considered "far from town," this college is well known in its developed community.

Heart medallion hunt, Clue No. 2:
Business is lookin' good.

Healthy relationships tips:

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Trust is important for a relationship to work. As a couple you may agree to: always be honest with each other, talk openingly about your feelings, especially if something is bothering you; and maintain your autonomy in friendships and interests.