Helen Hunter sends thanks

Helen Hunter, Office for Mission, fell in McNeely Hall and broke her arm in early March. She sends the following thank-you note:

"I wish to thank the St. Thomas community for the many prayers, flowers, cards, calls and e-mails that I have received since my accident.

"I especially wish to thank our Public Safety officers, the young man who found me (sorry, I didn’t get your name), Father Dease, Karen Hennes, Steph Monogue, Jess Walczak and two of the kindest gentlemen around – Gene Scapanski and Lawrence Potter – for their assistance, wise counsel, crutches and cane.

"I consider myself like Lou Gehrig, to be one of ‘the luckiest [people] on the face of the earth.’ What wonderful people you are! I hope to see you very soon, with a full M&M bowl in hand!"


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