Career Link: How Recruiters Work For You

Are you currently on the hunt for a new career opportunity? Recruiters can be an extremely useful resource for job seekers in a number of ways. And even if you’re not currently looking, it never hurts to have a relationship with a recruiter, as they’ll always have you in the back of their mind when discovering new career opportunities!

Top 4 Reasons to Work With Recruiters:

1. Recruiters have access to the hidden job market. Not all job opportunities that recruiters work on are hidden. However, most are.  Recruiters are typically called on when organizations are looking for a specific skill-set, or when they are in a confidential replacement situation.  Roles like these are not going to be on LinkedIn or other job boards.

2. Recruiters provide valuable insight to the company. Typically, recruiters have long-standing relationships with their clients, or at a minimum, have spent significant time with them prior to conducting the search. This gives them a good understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its products and/or services.  The recruiter will also understand the company's culture and the personalities of the hiring manager and others on the team.  All of these are factors needed to determine if the opportunity is the right fit for the candidate.

3. Recruiters will guide you through the interview process. Interviewing is not a profession. Most people don’t do it everyday. Recruiters will help explain the interview process and will be able to guide you though it.  From prepping for the first interview, to helping negotiate a strong offer, to walking you through resignation, your recruiter will be there to help!

4. Recruiters have insider market intel.  Most recruiters focus on a specific regional area, functional area, or industry.  With this laser focus, recruiters gain an amazing amount of market intel that can help candidates with their search. Put simply, they’ll know things about the market that will help you maneuver wisely throughout your interview process.


Recruiters can be a great tool in your job search process, but make sure you’re working with the right one. If you’re in IT, a sales-focused recruiter isn’t likely going to be the best resource for you. Make sure to ask them what their focus is, and where they have the most experience. Once you find the right recruiter, you’ll have a great advocate on your team!

Steve Yakesh is the Executive Vice President of Versique Executive Search and Consulting, and brings over nine years of experience to the recruiting industry. He can be reached at