How well do you know UST? (Question No. 6)

Conie Borchardt, circulation manager, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center, was the fifth person to respond correctly to the “How well do you know UST?” question posed last week by Institutional Research and Analysis: “What percent of fall 2008 CIRP participants were first-generation students?” The answer: 22.2

This week’s question is: “How many institutional surveys were conducted during the 2008-09 academic year?”

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Institutional Research and Analysis’ annual Survey Factbook is a consolidation of fact sheets relating to the previous year’s primary institutional surveys.

These fact sheets serve as a resource for UST personnel when developing policies and making program decisions, and provide administrators with baseline information to develop measurable outcomes and establish achievable goals; in addition, the fact book includes the current Survey Policy narrative and a five-year institutional survey calendar.

To find the answer to this week’s question click here to locate the Survey Factbook 2008-09 “Five-Year Survey Cycle.”

This question addresses strategic priorities Excellence (E1h and E2b) as described in the UST Strategic Plan.

The fifth person who responds at with the correct answer to today’s question will be acknowledged in this column next Monday, Jan. 25. Those who submit a correct response to any of the IR&A weekly Bulletin Today questions during the month will have the opportunity to win a UST coffee mug through a drawing.

For more information on institutional surveys contact Dr. Michael Cogan.