Dr. Eleni Roulis heads Institutional Review Board

I am happy to announce that earlier this summer Dr. Eleni Roulis, an experienced professor in the College of Applied Professional Studies, accepted the position of chair of St. Thomas' Institutional Review Board (IRB). I also am grateful that Father Dease and his staff understood the urgency and the need to approve this new position even in challenging economic times.

The board assists St. Thomas faculty, staff and student researchers in meeting the highest ethical and professional standards for the use of human subjects in scientific research.

Roulis will carry out the traditional duties of chair of the IRB and will serve as a resource for faculty and students who seek input on research proposals.  She will hold one IRB workshop per month in the Graduate Writing and Research Center in Minneapolis for students working on research proposals. She will also be available for departmental workshops, seminars, consultations and the like.

IRB members include: St. Thomas faculty members Dr. Dan Carey, Dr. William Cavanaugh, Dr. Kendra Garrett, Dr. Tamara Kaiser, Dr. Britain Scott, Dr. Buffy Smith and Dr. Karen Westberg; Dr. David Steele, director of the university's Grants and Research Office; and community representative Chris Weimholdt.

Roulis, whose new position began Aug. 1, began teaching at St. Thomas in 1990. She has a B.A. from St. John's University in New York; an M.A. from New York University and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. She has been teaching nearly 20 years at St. Thomas and has worked extensively with student research proposals and doctoral dissertations. Prior to August 1, Dr. Roulis directed the Graduate Writing and Research Center on our Minneapolis campus and was a faculty member in the Leadership, Policy and Administration Department.