Human Resources Department Announces Implementation of Job Profile Library

The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the implementation of a new, self-service system called the Job Profile Library. This new tool provides supervisors and managers with ready access to the job profiles for all positions that report to them. An added benefit of this system is that all staff can access their own job profiles.

Key features of the Job Profile Library are:

  • User-friendliness. Navigating within the systems is easy; a few clicks within Murphy Online and you are able to view your job profile online.
  • Accessibility. All approved job profiles are accessible to supervisors, managers and incumbents. If you are a supervisor, you can access the job profiles for all your direct reports.
  • Functionality. Along with view access, the library provides e-mail functionality allowing supervisors to propose modifications to the job profiles for their direct reports directly to the Human Resources Department. In addition, the library provides e-mail functionality allowing all staff to propose modifications to their job profiles directly to their supervisors.
  • Communication. Supervisors can use this tool to request from the Human Resources Department job analysis and/or market comparison for any position that reports to them. And, supervisors can use this tool to notify the HR team of any inaccuracies in a job profile or the reporting hierarchy, e.g., the supervisor/employee relationship.

To access the Job Profile Library, log into Murphy Online, select the Employee Services function and select the HR Job Profile Library item.

For more information about the system call the Human Resources Department, (651) 962-6510.