Important Notice: Phishing Alert

Do not click on any links to verify or authenticate your account.

Over the past several days a number of phishing emails have hit our network. Many appear legitimate by using our logo sent by St. Thomas email accounts.They are not legitimate.They are phishing scams.

ITS will never ask for your username and password in an email.

What you can do:

If you receive a suspicious message or you are in doubt, delete it or forward it to and we can check it for you.
If you think you may have entered your St. Thomas username and password in a phishing site or email, immediately change your password and contact the Tech Desk for assistance: (651) 962-6230 or email

If you use the same password on other accounts, change the passwords immediately and use a variety of passwords for every account going forward. Be vigilant in protecting your identity and personal information.

For more information about phishing, visit here.

Protecting your account helps keep your personal information and the rest of the St. Thomas community safe!