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In the News: Charles Reid on Federal Appeals Court Overturning Ruling in 2019 Minneapolis Police Incident

Charles Reid, professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, recently spoke with the Star Tribune about a case related to police conduct that was recently overturned, and the differing opinions of the trial and appellate judges.

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From the story:

The appellate court deferred to the police while Tunheim gave deference to the couple subjected to the officers' vulgarities, said University of St. Thomas Prof. Charles Reid, a constitutional law expert.

"They almost seem to be describing separate realities," he said.

Tunheim, who recently assumed senior judge status, was nominated to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, while the three judges on the Eighth Circuit panel were nominated by Republican President George W. Bush: Steven Colloton, who wrote the opinion, Raymond Gruender and Michael Melloy.