Dr. Yohuru Williams

In the News: Dr. Yohuru Williams Discusses 'Long Way to Go' Since George Floyd's Death

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Dr. Yohuru Williams, founding director of the Racial Justice Initiative at the University of St. Thomas, spoke with Fox 9 about community and national changes amid the second anniversary of George Floyd's murder.

From the article:

"I'd say that in terms of conversation, we've made great gains. The level of conversation that people are having around race today is much more substantive to what we were having previous to the murder of George Floyd. But if we're talking about real gain and real change there's a lot that needs to be done," says Dr. Yohuru Williams.

"Looking at the Buffalo killings just a short time ago is an indicator that we have a long way to go. And it's not just issues on policing. It's in housing, it's in education and other areas where communities of color see significant challenges," says Williams.

Williams also reflects on local initiatives and organizations that have worked towards racial justice.

He says, 'The murder of George Floyd had one positive consequence in that it elevated the work of organizations like the Northside Achievement Zone, Pillsbury United, Way to Grow, both the YWCA St. Paul and Minneapolis and Interfaith Action St. Paul. And I think that's a good thing because those organizations were tackling issues of racial justice in areas such as housing and the social determinants of health. The real fear in this moment is whether that's sustainable."