In the News: Glenn Caruso on Coaching Softball (and Football) With His Daughter

Glenn Caruso, head coach of the University of St. Thomas football team, spoke with the Star Tribune about his experience working as an assistant coach for the first time since 2005 – reporting up to his 18-year-old daughter, Anna.

From the story:

“I know nothing about softball,” Caruso admitted. “I never even played in so much as a beer league growing up. To be able to learn from her is wicked awesome.”

This was nothing new though. He leans on his daughter when he’s coaching football too.

As a freshman last fall, Anna charted plays on the sideline during games in search of tendencies and other intel to help her dad’s game-management strategy. Caruso calls his daughter’s input a “massive winning edge.”

Caruso offered her a role on the eve of the first scrimmage of training camp. His reasoning was simple: His daughter was perfect for the position of in-game strategy and data research student assistant.

“To say she grew up around football is an understatement,” he said.