In the News: Grant Riewe on How an Algorithms Can Be Biased

Grant Riewe, an executive fellow for Business in a Digital World at the Opus College of Business, joined the "Paul and Jordana Show" on WCCO Radio. Riewe explains how the algorithms within our technology can have biases that reinforce the perspectives of its users. He also discusses how emotions such as anger and excitement cause people to stay on social media platforms for longer.

"Algorithms primarily learn the same way humans do, through experience and data. So in the same way a human would encounter bias through exposure to the environment or the people around them, algorithms learn the same way. Essentially these systems are all trained on historical data. And that data all contains biases of the past, the way that we behaved in the past, what we decided in the past. And so any algorithm is going to contain that because all they effectively do is reproduce past patterns unless we tell them to do otherwise."

Listen to the full conversation below: