School of Engineering professor John Abraham teaches a class in the John Roach Center for the Liberal Arts auditorium March 7, 2016.

In the News: John Abraham Discusses Ongoing Drought, Heat and Wildfires on WCCO Radio

John Abraham, mechanical engineering professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, recently spoke with WCCO Radio about how climate change is having a direct impact on daily life, as seen in the form of drought, heat and wildfires in the region early this summer.

From the story:

“If you’re a lawn owner, it’s an inconvenience. But if you’re a farmer, it could be your livelihood. And if you’re someone who loves the outdoors – if you like birds, if you’re a hunter or a fisherperson – if you are outside in Minnesota, you are observing these changes. And what they do is they put stress on our social, economic and biodiversity systems. So at the end of the day, it ends up not just being an inconvenience – it really costs us a lot in terms of money.”