Michael Porter

In the News: Mike Porter Gives Advice on Writing Quality Award Submissions

Opus College of Business Marketing Department faculty member Mike Porter spoke with Quirk's Media, giving advice on the nomination process for the Market Research Insight and Excellence awards.

From the article: The nomination has to explain how the client's needs were met. “Something that clearly and concisely tells the story of what client needs must be met and the alignment of methods and measures to gather information that supports strategic decision-making,” Porter said.

Another important factor is the impact on the client, with Porter focusing more on strategy. “Ties to strategy supported by the research and methods that align with that strategy,” Porter explained.

In the submission, keep it simple and stick to the main highlights. “Focus on the core of the work and avoid too much minutia about the details, unless relevant to the strategy – i.e., only highlight specific questions if unique and critical to the award-worthy work.” Porter said.