MayKao Hang
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: Dean MayKao Hang Discusses New School of Nursing

MayKao Hang, dean of the Morrison Family College of Health, was quoted in the Sahan Journal about the University of St. Thomas' new School of Nursing, which is now accepting applications for fall 2022 enrollment.

From the article: She wants to find students with skills that “might not perform as well in a traditional academic setting,” such as oral storytelling, but will still go a long way to fulfilling health care needs for an increasingly diverse Minnesota population.

But Hang said she believes that the uniqueness of St. Thomas’ approach to nursing means it won’t compete with schools like St. Kate’s. St. Thomas benefits from never having had a nursing program and starting at a blank slate, she added. 

“We’re able to create the things we see the community and society needs right now, without worrying about legacy, or how we’ve done things for so many years,” Hang said.