In the News: Paul Gavrilyuk on Fundraising for Ukraine

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Theology professor and Ukraine native Paul Gavrilyuk was featured in an article by the Pioneer Press about the fundraising that he has done for Ukraine.

From the article: “There’s something of a tradition, in the eastern European tradition, where the churches are well-positioned to respond in a crisis,” said Father Jonathan Proctor of Holy Trinity, who called Gavrilyuk’s efforts “phenomenal.” Religious institutions are known in Ukraine as “being a reliable way to get help to people in need, without too much bureaucracy.”

If Gavrilyuk has a broad network, it didn’t come together overnight.

Gavrilyuk has for years run another nonprofit, the International Orthodox Theological Association, an academic association that brings together the Eastern European Christian community for mega-conferences, like their inaugural conference in Romania, which took place in early 2019.