Professor Renee Buhr, left, laughs while talking with a student, right, during a "Politics of Post Soviet States" Political Science class on December 4, 2014, in the Summit Classroom Building on the St. Paul Campus. The class was conducting a UN Security Council simulation, with group of students representing different Security Council member countries. These photos were taken for marketing purposes for the Political Science Department and the College of Arts and Sciences.

In the News: Renee Buhr on New Momentum for Ukraine in Russia Conflict

Renee Buhr, PhD, recently spoke with WCCO Radio about what the Ukrainian military's latest advancements mean for the overall trajectory of the war and provided insight into how this may impact Vladimir Putin's hold on power in Russia. Buhr is a political science professor at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences.

From the interview: "From the beginning, I felt like this was a real miscalculation by Putin because he had total control of everything in Russia until 2036 and he rolled the dice on this. So if anything was going to be the beginning of the end, maybe this is. But his hold on information is so strong, it's hard to be too optimistic about that."