In the News: St. Thomas Entrepreneurs Compete at e-Fest

Laura Dunham, dean of the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas, recently joined St. Thomas student Gabriel Riegert on WCCO Radio to talk about e-Fest and Riegert’s business venture, Chemco.

From the interview:

“Chemco reclaims raw materials from lithium ion batteries in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

What made you get interested in entrepreneurship and what do you think of encouraging more entrepreneurs at your age?

“I think it all started very small with a lawn mowing business, and then grew into what it is today with Chemco. And what I would say to any young entrepreneurs is, ‘Be ready to fail, fail often and then keep going.’”

See a day in the life of the two St. Thomas teams that competed in e-Fest, via @uofstthomasmn on Instagram: