International Student Services invites your participation as a CultureLink partner or friendship family

International Student Services invites your participation as a CultureLink partner or friendship family

Participating in the CultureLInk program has been an exciting experience for me. I have been given a first class ticket to travel the globe. My CultureLink partners have shared their language, culture and passion to learn. This has been a very memorable experience as I have broadened my horizons and made lifelong friendships.

~ Artika Tyner, law fellow, UST

The Office of International Student Services (OISS) at the University of St. Thomas invites UST students, faculty and staff members to join the CultureLink Partners program and the CultureLink Friendship Family program.

CultureLink Partners program connects international students with American students and faculty and staff members. CultureLink partners learn about each other’s cultures through informal meetings and cultural events. The goal of CultureLink is to promote cultural exchange at St. Thomas and help international students learn about life in Minnesota.

Why join the CultureLink program?

  • Build international friendships
  • Practice your language skills
  • Get global experience during your free time
  • Meet new people from St. Thomas
  • Experience American and international cultures
  • Share your traditions
  • Learn about life at St. Thomas  and the Twin Cities
  • Have fun!

Don’t delay – apply online. International students are looking forward sharing their experiences with you!

If you have any questions, please refer to the program Web site or contact OISS, (651) 962-6650.

Become an International Friendship Family

“Participation at Friendship Family Program is one of the most unforgettable memories of my experience at St. Thomas. The program helped me integrate myself into a larger community than just being on campus. While being a thousand miles away from my family at home, I had a family in Minnesota that was always there for me. Thank you very much for giving international students such an unforgettable experience!”
~ Gulbahar Abdurasulova, undergraduate exchange student

The Office of International Student Services invites all members of St. Thomas community to join the CultureLink Friendship Family Program.

This program connects new international students with American families. Founded on the conviction that we should learn from each other, the CultureLink program promotes cultural exchange and helps international students find home away from home at St. Thomas.

As a friendship family, you and your family will get many international experiences, cultural learning opportunities and invitations to various international events at St. Thomas. In return, international students have a unique chance to learn about American life and traditions. The program allows a flexible time commitment to fit into busy schedules of CultureLink participants.

For more information and to apply, contact OISS, (651) 962-6650. You also may apply online. Please note that the application deadline for fall 2007 is May 1.

Join CultureLink, and see the world through the eyes of international students!