IRT announces a network security change

IRT announces a network security change

From Information Resources and Technologies

What is happening?

As part of an ongoing effort to improve security for the UST community, IRT announces a network security change. In order to further protect workstations and servers vital to the daily operations of the university, IRT is implementing a rule change to our firewall. The rule will block specific types of incoming traffic that potentially could be dangerous on our network. While the new rule will be more restrictive, it is important to note it affects only incoming traffic from the Internet. Outbound traffic will not be affected by the change. This new rule will be activated on Sunday, Aug. 13.

How will this affect you?

There should be minimal, if any, impact to individuals at UST.  In fact, most people won’t notice any difference in the way they are able to access the Internet. Web sites that are available to individuals now will continue to remain available. 

After the security change

Individuals who host servers for themselves or other departments should verify their connectivity on Monday, Aug. 14, after the rule change has taken place. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make the changes necessary to improve the security of the UST network.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.