IRT to update printer, multifunction printer network configuration

Information Resources and Technologies is making changes to the university's network printing and multifunction printer configuration. 

IRT is updating the server hardware and redistributing the printers this summer to better balance the load, along with adding the print drivers for Windows 7. IRT also is taking this opportunity to change printer names so they can be more easily identified and reported when problems develop. Although these changes are minor, everyone who prints will be affected by the modifications. 

What changes will I notice?

The most significant changes are on the server and are not noticeable to the end user; however, there are two obvious differences.

As previously mentioned in Bulletin Today on June 14, bright orange labels with a three-digit number are now attached to each network printer or MFP. No information other than the three-digit number on the orange label is needed when reporting an issue or concern with a network printer; previously, the printer’s make, model, serial number and/or UST asset ID number were needed when reporting a problem.

In addition, the queue name of the printer is slightly different when mapped to a computer. Just as before, queue names will still start with the printer’s location building and room number, but are now followed by the three-digit identifier (e.g, AQU200-456) from the orange label. If the device is a color printer, a “C” will follow the identifier (e.g., AQU155-687-C).

What will I need to do?

To accommodate these and other changes, all existing print queues will be rebuilt and renamed for the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses; consequently, users will need to re-add all of their network printers according to the new conventions. Existing print mappings will continue to work on computers through Saturday, Aug. 7. IRT will send a notification to all buildings or departments when the new queues are ready. 

Instructions for mapping computers according to the new queue names are available on the IRT web site. For those who are receiving a new computer this summer, IRT will set up the printer configuration as part of the replacement process. 

What if I have trouble with this process?

IRT will help with this transition. For assistance by phone or in person, contact the Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.