IRT to upgrade Internet Explorer this weekend

Beginning tonight, Friday, Sept. 18, IRT Client Services will remotely upgrade the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser from version 6.0 to version 8.0 on all PC computers that had been installed during the summer rollout of 2007.

IE8.0 is Microsoft’s current version of its Windows native Web browser and offers increased functionality and security over version 6.0. Many Web sites, including UST’s 25live, now require a version of IE7.0 or higher to successfully load their Web pages. All UST PCs rolled out since the summer of 2007 have had either IE7.0 or IE8.0 already installed.

The installation process will remotely upgrade IE to the latest version with current updates, and then reboot the computer twice. For this reason, it is recommended that all users log out or restart their machines at the end of the business day today. Any unsaved changes to files on machines not logged off at the time of the installation may be lost.

The installation will be queued for laptops not on campus this weekend, as well as for PCs that are not powered on at the time of the software push. Once these machines are powered on and connected to the network, they will receive the upgrade and also will reboot twice during the installation process.

Nearly 780 PC computers will be affected by the upgrade. IRT welcomes questions to be directed to the IRT Tech Desk.