KUST seeks DJs for remaining open time slots

Know your music? KUST campus radio is looking for DJs to fill remaining open time slots. If you’re interested in being a KUST DJ, e-mail Emily Jackson, the station's program director. In addition, if interested, KUST will hold its monthly DJ meeting at noon today, Tuesday, Oct. 20, in the Koch Commons Fireside Room.

What's it like to DJ on KUST?

"I sit in an oddly shaped room once a week for a couples hours and play music that makes me happy and makes my friends think I have good taste. I’m surrounded by posters of obscure bands whose singers have crazy hair and look bewildered yet insanely cool. I sit at a soundboard with tangles of black chords all over the place, blinking lights and needles swaying back and forth to the sound of sweet, sweet music," said Matt Lichtfuss, KUST promotions director. "The music is unburdened by corporate ties, which means I have the opportunity to play what might not have been heard by many other people before. A lot of people listen to KUST, and I’m in the unique position to impact what other people listen to in the future! Not to mention – I’m part of a community of other DJs who like great music and are willing to talk about and share some of the best college 200 songs they know."