Lactation rooms available for mothers on campus

Lactation rooms and diaper-changing facilities are available on campus for students, faculty and staff who nurse their babies.

According to the University Advocates for Women and Equity, locations where mothers have been comfortable nursing their children and aspirating milk for future use are:

  • The women’s restroom on the first floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center, around the corner from the Grill (includes a convenient diaper-changing station).
  • The women’s restroom on the second floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center, across from the Faculty-Staff Dining Room.
  • The women’s restroom on the first floor of the John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts, just outside Room 126.
  • The Meditation Room on the first floor of Murray-Herrick Campus Center.
  • Room 438 in Terrence Murphy Hall, Minneapolis campus; the key is available at the Safety and Security desk on the first floor.
  • A small room located at the back of the women’s restroom on the lower level of the School of Law; this room is equipped with a comfortable chair, cabinet or side table, fold-down diaper-changing table and small refrigerator.
  • The lounges in Owens and O’Shaughnessy science halls.

In addition, some women, depending on their comfort level, have found nursing their children in the first-floor Commuter Lounge and the Commuter Center, Room LL17, Murray-Herrick Campus Center, to be quiet locations. Some other options, depending on availability, are the Luann Dummer Center for Women, Room 103, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center, and the foyer outside of OEC auditorium.