Library today: Europa World Plus is database of the week

Library today: Europa World Plus is database of the week

From UST Libraries

UST Libraries has added many new online databases to its collection over the summer, and we will highlight them over the next several weeks in the Bulletin Today. This week's featured database is Europa World Plus.

Europa World Plus is the online version of the Europa World Year Book, a standard resource in many reference collections. It is easy to navigate and provides historic, political and economic information on more than 250 countries along with directories of press, government and business contacts within a specific country.

Europa World Plus also includes a searchable directory of contact information for almost 2,000 international organizations and allows users to compare countries by customizing their own tables of statistical data. This resource is ideal for students of political science, economics and international business.

For more information on how to access Europa World Plus or any other library database, please call a UST reference librarian at either (651) 962-5001 or (651) 962-4664.