Library today: New search features on UST Libraries Web site, weekly trivia challenge

Library today: new search features on UST Libraries Web site, weekly trivia challenge

The UST Libraries Web pages have been redesigned to make online academic research easier for everyone. The Quick Search and CentralSearch options now allow users to search a variety of electronic resources with one simple search.

Quick Search, available on the main libraries Web page, provides easy access to the CLICnet book catalog, multidisciplinary scholarly articles, DVDs and videos, as well as reserve materials listed by course or professor.

If you link to "Articles and More – Databases and Indexes," the CentralSearch engine also provides an easy and smart place to start scholarly research on any subject by allowing you to search multiple databases at the same time. If you want to do in-depth research online, you still can search your favorite individual database by linking to it from the CentralSearch page. Try these new ways to find the scholarly information you need and let us know what you think of the new options by using the UST "Libraries News Blog" (find the link to the blog under "Events and News" near the bottom of the UST Libraries main page).

UST Libraries now offers the following services from our main Web page:

  • Easy access to the CLICnet catalog (books), databases (scholarly articles), media collection (DVDs and videos) and course reserves materials
  • "Ask a Librarian" reference service via e-mail, instant messaging or telephone
  • Detailed research guides by subject or course
  • Search recently acquired books by subject under "New Titles"
  • Find information on upcoming UST Libraries news and events; including workshops, Music in the Library performances, etc.
  • Provide feedback on the new UST Libraries News Blog
  • Database trials – try new research products and let us know what you think of them
  • Locations and hours for all UST Libraries
  • Access Interlibrary Loan services
  • Find contact information for the UST Department of Special Collections
  • View the Conrad Pickel stained glass medallion collection from the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center

And remember, if you need a place to study or computer-workstation access, both are available in UST Infocommons areas: O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center ( St. Paul, north campus), Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library ( St. Paul, south campus) and Charles J. Keffer Library ( Minneapolis campus).   

UST Libraries will help you with any information need – ask us a question, we have lots of answers!

Weekly trivia challenge on the UST Libraries Web site

For everyone who loves trivia and the thrill of discovering useless but fascinating facts, the UST Libraries will host a weekly trivia question on the main library homepage. A question will be posted at 9 a.m. every Monday under the "Events and News" section of the page. The deadline for answering the question is noon the following Friday. Winners and the correct answers will then be posted Friday afternoon.

There absolutely will be no prizes for correct answers, only the satisfaction of a job well done and the chance to see your name up in lights ... well, on the UST Libraries Web page.

Good luck to all trivia players!