Mathematics Resource Center hits impressive number

The Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC) reached an impressive milestone on Monday, May 10. The 10,000th student for the 2009-10 academic year signed in just before noon. The previous high was set in 2008-09 at just over 7,600.

In two years the number of students signing in to use the MaRC services has doubled, according to Dr. Brenda Tiefenbruck, director of the center. (See chart below.) She added that the  center has increased the number of hours per week it is open from 42 in 2004-05 to 57 in 2009-10.

Students using the MaRC

2004-05     1,740
2005-06     2,349
2006-07     4,130
2007-08     4,836
2008-09     7,608
2009-10     10,121 (and counting)

The MaRC is open through Study Monday.