Minneapolis a Best Place for Business and Careers says Forbes

By Dan Jackson, MBA ’12

Forbes magazine recently released their new “Best Places for Business and Careers” list. The list shows that the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have moved up in their ranking, and now sit at #22 amongst the 100 cities that were ranked.  The list below, which can also be viewed on the website, shows the subcategories and their individual rank that help to comprise the total for the overall rank.  Having been born and raised in Minneapolis, I thought I would provide a personal snapshot of experiences of these subcategories and how they contribute to the overall rank.

How Minneapolis Measures up in Forbes' Subcategories:

  • #1 = America’s Safest Cities
  • #19 = Best Cities for Singles
  • #20 = Education
  • #104 = Job Growth
  • #156 = Cost of doing business


One aspect that might have helped the Twin Cities obtain a higher mark in the area of education is the proximity of the number of colleges, both public and private, to the downtown area.  This aspect is strengthened with the connections that many businesses have with college campuses, via internship opportunities, alumni networking or special on-campus programs.  This provides an opportunity for students to have ease of access in order to learn about various companies and what they have to offer.  Having just completed my MBA degree at the University of St. Thomas, I’ve been able to observe the many opportunities that exist to connect with or learn more about many of the large corporations and small businesses that operate within the various industry sectors.  The skyway system is another unique feature about both Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown districts.  This system connects many of the buildings, allowing for greater and faster accessibility to these buildings.  Being located

Safest Cities

The article highlights that safe cities rank number is not based solely on the reporting of crime rates.  Safety includes areas such as: workplace fatalities, traffic-related deaths and natural disaster risk.  When I think of possible traffic-related deaths in the city, one area I look to right away are the bikes and the bike lanes that have been recently installed.  The addition of these lanes, so that automobiles and bikes can share the road has demonstrated that the people of the Twin Cities can work well together without having to cause a great deal of motor traffic trouble on the streets.  Also, having been a student at the University of St. Thomas (downtown Minneapolis campus), I can say that I feel comfortable with the amount of street-lighting at night, and appreciate the various Downtown Improvement District Ambassadors that walk the streets helping to keep the city clean while helping  guests navigate around the city.

City for Singles

For this area, I reflect on the many attractions that the Twin Cities has to offer.  Single professionals have access to many great spots within the area that provide entertainment but also a nice spot to relax.  In Minneapolis, the Northeast area can provide a great transition for those finishing a higher education degree and want affordable living that is close in proximity to downtown and many cultural areas.  The Uptown area in south Minneapolis is also another hot spot in the city known for urban excitement and boasts many attractions, from retail shops, to restaurants, to coffee shops and more.  Many options exist across the river as well in St. Paul.  Singles can frequent the many retail shops, coffee shops and restaurants that line Grand Avenue or one can venture into the Lowertown neighborhood in downtown St. Paul for lively entertainment.

I’ve provided a brief snapshot from my experience here in the Twin Cities and feel that it is exciting to see that the Twin Cities has moved up to #22, but how do we continue to increase this ranking?  Share your thoughts!