Murray-Herrick Remodeling Will Result in Many Office Changes in Coming Weeks

When our students return in the fall, getting business done at the University of St. Thomas will be easier than ever. That’s because the first phase of Murray-Herrick Campus Center remodeling, scheduled for early completion next week, will create a convenient collective of beautifully renovated student business service offices all located in the same building and on the same floor.

The early completion date allows the Office of the University Registrar to move into its new space the week of July 23.  The office will be located in the remodeled west side of what had been the Grill on the first floor of Murray-Herrick.

The Business Office follows, moving the week of July 30 into a portion of the former Dean of Students office and spreading into the former Campus Ministry offices across from the Blue Lagoon. The popular Blue Lagoon area will remain in the center of Murray-Herrick’s first floor for student convenience.

The month of August kicks off with the Card Office moving from its hard-to-find, second-floor space in Murray-Herrick to a front-and-center location just inside the main doors to the building. It will be located in another portion of the Dean of Students former office suite.

During the week of Aug. 13, Academic Counseling is scheduled to move to the other side of the Blue Lagoon. It will be located in a newly renovated Room 110, which is the former suite of the Department of Campus Life.

The last move in the first phase of Murray-Herrick reassignments will be the Career Development Center. It will relocate the week of Aug. 15 to a more visible location in Murray-Herrick Room 119, which is on the east side of the former Grill space.

Soon after, the Development Office’s Call Center will move upstairs, from Murray-Herrick’s Rooms 113-115 to a newly renovated space on the third floor. This will allow the Career Development Center to complete its move.

First-phase construction also provides five new classrooms in the former Student Dining Room on Murray-Herrick’s second floor. Fall classes already are scheduled in the new classrooms.

Second-phase construction began a few weeks ago and will make the first floor of the Herrick (north) portion of Murray-Herrick Campus Center ready for the Financial Aid office. Financial Aid will move from its current location on the third floor of Aquinas Hall to the Herrick portion of Murray-Herrick in late September or early October.

Second-phase construction also will create an additional six classrooms on the east side of the former Student Dining Room space on the second floor. Classes will be held in those classrooms starting in spring semester of 2013.

The relocation of offices into the remodeled Murray-Herrick will result in vacated offices elsewhere on campus.  The university is now studying how to best use those newly vacated spaces; those plans will be announced in the fall.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the Campus Space Advisory group co-chairs: Jerry Anderley, Linda Halverson and Joe Kreitzer.