Music Composition Lessons Offered Through New Faculty Member, J. Anthony Allen

The University of St. Thomas Music Department is pleased to welcome J. Anthony Allen, composer, to its faculty. Allen is a prolific composer of both acoustic and electronic music and has worked with many forms of interactive media including audio, video, installation and dance. He will teach courses in music media and music composition.

J. Anthony Allen

J. Anthony Allen

Individual music composition lessons (1 credit) are open to any student regardless of major as well as faculty and staff (though tuition remission does not cover music lessons). Composition students learn how to develop their own personal artistic styles. They compose original music for a variety of instruments, voices and electronic media, and have their pieces performed by musicians on campus and in the community.

Who should take lessons in music composition?

  • Songwriters: Refine your songs
  • Producers: Learn the art of writing great music
  • Gamers: Create music for games that you love playing
  • Instrumentalists: Expand your repertoire by writing music for your instrument
  • Improvisers: Create a framework for your improvisations in any style and genre
  • Theorists: apply theoretical concepts and experiment with the results
  • Historians: Delve into periods from the composers perspective
  • Creative writers: Music can convey a narrative just like any language
  • Artists: Explore color, form, texture, and conceptual elements with music
  • Designers: Investigate cultural trends in art forms outside of your primary art form.
  • Singers: Create unique arrangements, transcriptions, and transpositions of your favorite pieces tailored to your voice.
  • Dancers: Choreograph your own soundtrack, or, write music to accompany your own choreography.
  • Entrepreneurs: Learn the business of music from a purely creative perspective: how the writer composer makes a living

To learn more about music lessons offered through the Music Department, click here.