New Degree Evaluation Available for All Students

A new, friendlier and more readable degree evaluation called "Degree Works" is now available for all students. The Degree Works degree evaluation enables students to determine at any time exactly where they stand with respect to all degree requirements, which, for undergraduates, includes all core requirements, all general graduation requirements, and all major and minor field requirements.

Students should examine the Degree Works degree evaluation closely as they prepare their plans for registration. After they have registered for next semester’s classes, students should look at the degree evaluation again to make sure their registered courses will fulfill the degree requirements they had planned to meet.

Students will find the Degree Works degree evaluation through Murphy Online>Student Records>Degree Evaluation.

Training videos on how to use the Degree Works degree evaluation are available on the Academic Counseling and Registrar Web pages. Look for "Degree Works Training for Students" here. A list of the training videos also is available from the “FAQ and Help” menu button when using Degree Works.