Opening reception for 'Juxtaposition' urban youth art exhibit is Friday

Opening reception for ‘Juxtaposition’ urban youth art exhibit is Friday

“Juxtaposition,” a youth art exhibit, will open to the public with a reception at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16, in the lobby gallery of the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center. The exhibit closes on Thursday, Jan. 19.

University of St. Thomas and College of St. Catherine art history students prepared an art history lesson and tutored Juxtaposition Arts students on numerous African-American artists. Juxtaposition students applied what they learned from the tutoring sessions to their own artworks.

The UST and CSC art history students then curated this colorful art exhibit from a selection of outstanding works created by art students of Nate Young, an instructor at Juxtaposition Arts.

Juxtaposition Arts is a nonprofit, youth-focused, visual arts organization, engaging audiences through its community collaborations, studio arts workshops, public mural programs and special festivals and art exhibitions.

Two visual artists founded the organization in 1995 as a means to engage artistically inclined urban youth in high quality creative experiences in ways that are practical, relevant and life changing.

The Art History Methods class, taught by UST’s Craig Eliason, is an introduction to the methods and problems of art history, including the theoretical approaches to art and its history, the examination and analysis of the work and its medium, the role of the museum and gallery in the study of art, and bibliographic tools of the different disciplines of the field. The Art History Department at UST seeks to explore the many dimensions of art in a broad range of periods and worldwide cultures.