Optimize Efficiency and Entrepreneurial Thinking at the UST MBA Forum

Businesses and business-minded individuals are consistently thinking about efficiency and innovation to drive value for consumers and shareholders.  Businesses that thrive and survive in today’s markets are agile, adaptive to market conditions, and use an entrepreneurial mindset to ensure they stay on the cutting edge.  Leaders of such businesses also employ the same innovative approach to fostering efficiency on the job and entrepreneurial mindset to inspire employees and position their firm for long-term success.

Here at St. Thomas, approaching graduate business education from an innovative mindset is embedded into the curriculum across functional and foundational areas.  Our seven graduate business programs (including four MBA programs and three specialized Master’s programs) offer students the ability to build foundational skills and customize their degrees to meet their individual career goals.  Students of our business programs hail from a wide variety of industries, functions, and academic backgrounds, and use their graduate business experience at the OCB as a launching pad to advance their career or pursue new opportunities in a different industry.

Keeping with the theme of entrepreneurship and efficiency that is so valued in today’s business world, how can you learn about MBA and other graduate programs at UST in a way that both maximizes your time and delivers value?  The UST MBA Forum on Wednesday, February 12 was designed with these factors in mind.

The MBA Forum includes a brief information session about graduate business programs, a student perspectives panel with current MBA students and alumni, GMAT test taking strategies from Kaplan representatives, and as a highlight, sample a class, “Entrepreneurial Thinking,” led by Mark Spriggs, Ph.D., associate professor and director of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. Spriggs will offer insights into thinking like an entrepreneur, even within an existing organization, as well as business model innovation.

One of the founding principles of the UST MBA and our graduate business programs is building a relevant curriculum that integrates theory and practice, with the goal to equip students to run innovative and successful businesses in today’s economy.  It follows then, that our admissions events are designed to deliver the same value and relevance to prospective students as our graduate business programs do for current students.

Join us at the UST MBA Forum February 12 at 5:30 p.m. and introduce you to relevant, flexible, and specialized graduate business education that will equip you to reach your career goals.