Participation up 2 percent in Charitable Giving Campaign

Participation up 2 percent in annual Charitable Giving Campaign

The well-known psychoanalyst and author Erich Fromm once stated that it is not those who have much who are rich but, rather, those who give much. Over the years I have felt blessed to work at the University of St. Thomas, especially in the past two years as the Office for Mission has coordinated the Charitable Giving Campaign. I am struck again and again by how our community is enriched by the kindness and generosity of our employees. We treasure the many ways in which you contribute at St. Thomas and to our surrounding community!

Although the total amount contributed to our Charitable Giving Campaign to date indicates a decrease over last year, we have received $47,o17.10 so far. I am pleased to report that employee participation increased this year by 2 percent. In addition, 108 employees were either first-time contributors or increased their pledges by 10 percent or more over last year. Bravo!

The contributions from our campaign support the seven approved federations and other charities specifically designated by you. In addition, payroll deduction makes giving easy. The advantage of payroll deduction to the donor is that your giving is spread over the course of the year, allowing you to absorb it more easily into your budget. The benefit to the agencies is that payroll deduction donations are consistent dollars, which allow them to establish budgets and plan. If you have not yet contributed, there is still an opportunity. Pledge forms can be found on the Charitable Giving Web site.

The seven federations supported by your donations are:

  • Community Health Charities
  • Community Shares Minnesota (formerly known as Community Solutions Fund)
  • Minnesota Environmental Fund
  • Open Your Heart to the Hungry and the Homeless
  • United Arts
  • United Negro College Fund
  • United Way – Twin Cities

A drawing was held this week from among those who were first time givers or who increased their pledges by 10 percent or more over last year. Those whose names were drawn, the items they won, and the donors can be found on the Charitable Giving Web site.

Many offices and individuals contributed services or gifts to make this year’s campaign possible, and I am most grateful to all of them. In particular, I would like to thank our Bulk Mailing facility, the Service Center and Campus Mail Services for their invaluable advice and assistance in copying, stuffing and distributing our materials in a timely and accurate fashion. A hearty thank you to the following for their contributions to our drawing – we couldn’t have done it without you: President’s Office, Office of the EVP/Chief Academic Officer, Office of the EVP/Chief Administrative Officer, Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs/Chief Financial Officer, The Gainey Center, The Minnesota Wild, the Bookstore, Office Depot, Snuffy’s, and, of course, our seven federations.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Helen Hunter for coordinating the campaign again this year. She throws her heart and mind into making this effort a success. The increasing number of participants in this campaign and the quality of the prizes are direct results of her good work. Thanks, Helen!

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