Planning Homecoming Week Events?

If you are planning an event for Homecoming Week, Oct. 18-24, the St. Paul Operations Group is asking that you review your reservations.

Many events that have been planned do not list set-up needs, actual timelines, or titles for the events. Several large campuswide events are being conducted over a few days, and the Operations Group wants to make sure your event is successful. 

Have a tent? Need a permit? If there are any additional needs for an event, remember to contact and coordinate with the proper St. Paul Operations Department to ensure that your event is on their schedule.

The St. Paul Operations Group includes representatives from Information Resources and Technologies, Public Safety, Physical Plant, Catering, Athletics, and Scheduling Services.

Homecoming Week event hosts also are invited to attend a St. Paul Operations Group meeting to confirm all logistics for their events. If interested, e-mail Kimm Thiboldeaux.