Vote to Ban Plastic Water Bottles at USG Events Passes

According to a newly passed resolution by Undergraduate Student Government, "All Undergraduate Student Government functions, including, but not limited to, general council meetings, executive board meetings, senate meetings, committee meetings and subcommittee meetings, no longer will be provided with bottled water."

Christian Roemhildt, freshman marketing/finance major and USG freshmen residential senator, and Jesse Stock, senior philosophy major and USG sustainability chair, proposed the resolution, which only directly impacts USG functions. The resolution also reached out to the St. Thomas community at large: "The Undergraduate Student Government strongly encourages all student clubs and organizations to follow its example so as to advance the common good at the University of St. Thomas in a sustainable manner."

Stock added, "USG hopes to initiate a bottled-water-free campus due to the social and environmental impacts of the privatization, production, transportation, sale and disposal of bottled water," and noted that more than 90 colleges already have successfully implemented campuswide bans.

Future events are in the works to raise awareness for helping the university to go bottled-water free.