Podcast: Tommie Talks with Guest Peter Thome

Host Corbu Stathes speaks with St. Thomas men's hockey goaltender Peter Thome on his start to hockey, his decision to play for St. Thomas, and getting drafted while on vacation.

Q. Tell us more about that, you're transferring from North Dakota, which has this established tradition of hockey, moving to St. Thomas, which is starting over.
A. A few schools reached out and I was weighing some options, I saw that coach Blasi was hired and he immediately reached out to me. I weighed it against what else was out there and I was really excited to come here and start this new Division I era at St. Thomas.

Q. When you find out you're drafted [by the Blue Jackets], take me what's going through your head.
A. I was in Punta Cana, I went with my dad and a friend of mine from my team in Aberdeen. It kinda so happened that the draft was there and I honestly didn't think I was going to get drafted, I thought it was an outside chance. Boom, right away, the sixth round, I get drafted. It was crazy, I was super excited. It's a special moment, one I won't forget, to be there, have that with my dad in a beautiful place.

Listen to their conversation here: