Professional Notes

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, School of Education, is the author of a chapter, “Adult Learning,” in Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia, edited by J.J.F. Forest and K.E. Kinser (ABC-CLIO Press, 2002).

Dr. Sharon Gibson, Management Department, is co-author with Dr. Lisa Hanes of a refereed article, “The Contribution of Phenomenology to Human Resource Development (HRD) Research,” published in the June issue of Human Resource Development Review.

Dr. Thomas Hickson and Dr. Melissa Lamb, Geology Department, are among geoscientists who will give presentations at the 115th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America Nov. 2-5 in Seattle. Lamb will present “Three Examples of the Use of Inquiry-Based, Data-Centered Exercises in Geoscience Courses at the University of St. Thomas,” and Hickson will present “Using Experimental Sedimentology in Inquiry-Based Exercises: From the Grain to the Basin Scale.”

Dr. Meg Wilkes Karraker, Sociology Department, is a contributor to the third edition of The Life Course: A Handbook of Syllabi and Instructional Materials, published by the American Sociological Association.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy, Organization Learning and Development Department, gave the keynote address, “Negotiation Psyche: Yours and Theirs,” at the national Annual Advanced Liability Conference in Stevens Point, Wis. The address focused on the research foundations of critical negotiation strategies and how to apply them to the work of professionals in the insurance liability industry.

Joe Landsberger, Information Resources and Technologies, was an invited plenary session speaker and a session presenter at the Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli summer 2003 conference sponsored by Italian Telecom Learning Services in L'Aquila, Italy. SSGRR is an international conference on advances in infrastructure for e-business, education, science, medicine and mobile technologies on the Internet. Landsberger's participation as funded jointly by Italia Telecom and an American federal grant through the University of Kentucky. The topic of his plenary address was “Commonwealth Center for Instructional Technology and Learning: A Statewide Web-Based System for K-12 Teachers,” and the topic of his session presentation was “The Study Guides Web Site: Crossing Institutional and Cultural Boundaries (Content, Development, Usage).” Landsberger co-wrote a column, “E-Learning by Design,” in Tech Trends (Vol. 47, No. 4) on the learning community of the conference.

Over the summer Landsberger co-developed a successful $8,500 grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for the Community Gate Project in the North High Bridge park of St. Paul. It commemorates contributions of Czech and Slovak immigrants and their families to building the West End neighborhood of St. Paul. For more information about the project, click here.

Landsberger's Study Guides and Strategies Web site surpassed 4 million hits this year. He added Ewe and Kabiye language translations from Togo, West Africa; Kiswahili translations donated by UST graduate student Jared Siriba, and a JAVA-programmed interactive learner day planner by UST senior undergraduate Francis Ssennoga.

Larry McDonough, School of Law, also is a jazz pianist, singer and arranger. He leads the Larry McDonough Off Beat Group, which also includes guitarist Joe Shapira, bassist Craig Matarrese and drummer Chaz Draper. Watch for performances around town as well as McDonough's CDs (he has two to his credit). You can even hear some of his music here.

Janice Raffield and Frank Coglitore, Accounting Department, presented a research paper, “The Impact of Alternative Work Arrangements on Perceptions About Key Factors That Influence Career Progression in Public Accounting,” co-authored by Dr. Lorman Lundsten, Marketing Department, at the annual conference of the American Accounting Association Aug. 3-6 in Honolulu.