Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dr. John Holst, School of Education, is the author of an article, "Globalization and Education Within Two Revolutionary Organizations in the United States of America: A Gramscian Analysis," in the current issue of Adult Education Quarterly.

Dr. Terence Nichols, Theology Department, is the author of "Participatory Hierarchy," a chapter in a new book, Common Calling: The Laity and the Governance of the Catholic Church, edited by Stephen Pope (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2004). Nichols also was invited to present a lecture, "Science, Christianity and the Challenge of Naturalism," Nov. 7 at Azusa Pacific University, Los Angeles.

Dr. Frederick Zimmerman, School of Engineering, is the author of an article, "Materials and Money," in the November-December issue of Precision Manufacturing Journal. The high cost of steel, higher-priced aluminum and copper, more-expensive supply items and the fluctuating value of the world's currencies all have combined to provide less certainty than the manufacturing community has experienced in decades. The article attempts to provide some insights into the forces behind the market gyrations, while still recognizing that currency and materials markets are difficult to predict.