Professional Notes

Dr. Stephen Brookfield , School of Education, is the author of a book titled Teaching Reflectively in Theoretical Contexts: Promises and Contradictions. The book was co-edited with Mary Hess of Luther Seminary and was published by Krieger publishing. Learn more here.

Dr. Joseph Fitzharris, College of Arts and Sciences (History Department), is the author of "Author's Perspective" in the summer issue of World War II Quarterly. WW2Q is the only peer-reviewed professional journal of World War II history.

Eddie Kunz , a UST sophomore majoring in entrepreneurship with a minor in film, attended the The Hamptons International Film Festival Oct. 17 for the premiere of the film "'77," directed by Patrick Read Johnson. Eddie played the character Jeff Greene in the film.

Dr. Ray MacKenzie, College of Arts and Sciences (English Department), presented a paper, "The Struggle for Allegory in Baudelaire's Prose Poems," Oct. 18 at a conference, The Theory and Practice of Allegory, hosted by the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. Earlier this year, he presented a paper, " Milton, Eve, and Heterogeneity Within," at the Ninth International Milton Symposium July 7 at the University of London.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, presented a paper, "Leprechauns in the Land of Ike: Tropes of Irishness in Midcentury America," at the recent Midwest  regional meeting of  the American Conference for Irish Studies Oct. 10-11 at Metropolitan State University. His paper examined the contrarian aspects of leprechaun figures as they appeared in American popular culture during the postwar years, including the play " Finian's Rainbow" (1947), several obscure children's books of the 1950s and the often disparaged 1959 Disney film "Darby O'Gill and the Little People."  

Dr. Kevin Theissen, College of Arts and Sciences (Geology Department), is the author of an article, "The Earth's Record of Climate: A focused-topic introductory course," published in the September issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Geoscience Education. In the article, Theissen discusses a unique course he designed and teaches at UST that explores core concepts in geology while also focusing on the relevant issue of modern climate change. Theissen has measured large gains in student learning in the course using a number of assessments, including a pre- and post-course knowledge survey. He also has found that student attitudes about climate have changed significantly based on their written comments collected throughout the course.