Project report as the semester winds down

We are only three weeks away from our finals. And we have two projects to deliver before December 10: a statistics project, which is based on a survey that we designed and distributed among faculty, staff and students, and our final report and presentation for our LINKS project. The last one is going to be very interesting.  We started pretty well but since quarter 5 we have lost a lot of money. But finally this week we recovered. We are only 3 decisions away to finally assess how well or how badly we managed our firm.

But not everything is study and projects. This week we had an amazing event that allowed us to show a little part of our culture to all the members of the school.  The International Club organized a lunch where every international student had the opportunity to bring and share a special dish from his or her country. It was just delicious!

Also on Friday we had a dinner at one of my teammates’ houses. Each member of the team was invited. We spent a wonderful time outside the academic world sharing our personal experiences and stories.