Public Safety Alert: Terrence Murphy Hall Thefts

Public Safety would like to alert the University of St. Thomas community of two thefts that occurred in Terrence Murphy Hall on the Minneapolis campus.

Between 10:30 and 11 a.m. Saturday, May 31, two UST employees reported their wallets were stolen from their offices in a fourth floor suite in TMH. Both employees reported they had stepped away from their offices and left them unsecured. One of the employee’s credit cards had already been used at a nearby retail store.

Public Safety issued alerts/advisories for property thefts in St. Paul campus buildings on May 15 and May 23. In those cases, property was also stolen after being left unattended or unsecured for a short amount of time. During the summer sessions, there are less people on campus. This means there are less “eyes” to observe and report suspicious or potential criminal activity. It is even more important for community members to take proactive steps to keep their personal and university property safe. Keep valuables with you, or take steps to secure them properly. And always lock offices and residences.

For more information, see Public Safety’s June 3 Alert. Other recent alerts, advisories and bulletins, as well as crime prevention and safety tips, also are posted on the St. Thomas Public Safety website.

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