Environmental Health and Safety Alert Issued

An environmental health and safety alert has been issued regarding an abandoned flammable chemical found Monday by grounds personnel on the R4 level of the Morrison Hall parking ramp.

The container was not labeled, and neither grounds nor mechanical maintenance staff had knowledge of the material.

After ensuring the container was intact and sealed, university EH&S staff removed the container from the ramp and transported it to a secure storage area. Testing of the material showed it to be a highly flammable hydrocarbon, most likely gasoline. Arrangements have been made for proper disposal of the material.

The presence of a highly flammable material stored in an unsafe container in a public area created both a potential fire and environmental hazard.

Assistance from the UST community is requested in regard to potentially hazardous waste:

  • Members of the University of St. Thomas community who observe suspicious or possibly abandoned containers should call the university’s Department of Public Safety, (651) 962-5555.
  • Administrative or academic departments in possession of potentially hazardous waste should call the university’s Environmental Health and Safety Department, (651) 962-6533, for assistance with safe storage and disposal of these materials.
  • On-campus residents should not store hazardous materials on campus.
  • Members of the university community who live off-campus can dispose of residential hazardous waste at local county household hazardous waste facilities. For information on the location of these facilities call the university’s Environmental Health and Safety Department, (651) 962-6533.