Purchasing Services Offers eBuy&Pay Training Sessions

Purchasing Services is offering training sessions for eBuy&Pay in April and May. Sessions are scheduled for shopping and ordering online, and forms training.

The sessions are available on the Leadership Academy website. Classroom training is not strictly required, however, as training videos and documentation also are available on the Purchasing Services website.

All departments are encouraged to use these forms to help streamline their processes. The Opus College of Business, which has been testing the forms, is now requiring use of online forms, including online approvals for invoices, reimbursements and check requests.

These payment requests will remain visible in a document-search feature in eBuy&Pay, which can help eliminate department spreadsheets and duplicate record keeping, which can help to save both time and paper and "green" the university's campuses.

Lalith Samarakoon, chair and associate professor, Department of Finance, Opus College of Business, has been piloting the eBuy&Pay system payment forms and comments: "It has made our lives so much easier. Not only that, faculty get their reimbursements faster as well; obviously, one has to invest initial time to understand the system. That is part of learning anything new."

Email Purchasing Services for more information or assistance with maximizing budget dollars through eBuy&Pay.