Research and Opinion: Is Modern Philosophy at Odds With Tradition Moral Wisdom?

Professor Timothy Pawl of the Philosophy Department in the School of Arts and Sciences has recently had his research cited in "Iron Sharpens Iron: Ancient Moral Wisdom and Contemporary Psychology on the Virtue of Patience," written by Rebecca Randall and funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Pawl’s research contributes to Randall’s discussion of modern philosophy compared to traditional moral wisdom.

From the article: Two years ago, what started as a two-week stay-home order turned into two months, rising COVID-19 case counts and deaths, a blur of vaccine news, finally a rollout – a slow one – and then reluctant uptake by some segments of the population. Our expectations have been repeatedly challenged during the pandemic. Our stress compounded for many by employment interruptions, remote online schooling, and on the daily level, perhaps, your child’s uncooperative attitude or a confrontation with a friend’s contrasting political views. 

A reflective question we can ask ourselves is: Through these trials, have we developed virtuous habits, such as patience? Or do we just want it to be over?