Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

Research and Opinion: Obasesam Okoi

Obasesam Okoi of the Justice and Society Studies Department in the College of Arts and Sciences co-authored "The Failure of Governance in Nigeria" in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

In January 2024, Okoi’s article was among the 10 most-read articles for the month.

From the article: The failure of governance in Nigeria manifests in the declining capacity of political leaders to recognize systemic risks such as election fraud, terrorist attacks, herder-farmer conflict, armed banditry, and police brutality and put in place the necessary measures to navigate these challenges. In contrast with the current system in which leadership is attained through bribery, intimidation, and violence, Nigeria needs an epistocratic system of governance that is founded on the pedigree of its political leaders and the education of its voters.