Seniors: Contribute to the 2007 Senior Class Gift

Seniors: Contribute to the 2007 Senior Class Gift

From the 2007 Senior Class Gift Committee

Seniors: The 2007 Senior Class Gift is our chance to say "thank you" for the many ways in which St. Thomas has helped us grow and to leave a class legacy for future Tommies.

Showing our gratitude
As we prepare to graduate and leave campus, the class of 2007 would like to contribute two unique gifts to the university. First, remember the big tree between Brady Hall and Murray-Herrick Campus Center that was cut down last spring? We will donate a new tree to the campus in its memory. Second, we will establish a scholarship to provide assistance to students whose program requires more than four years of successful undergraduate work.

Breaking new ground
As part of this effort, our class has the opportunity to endow a scholarship – something that no other class has done. This means that our scholarship will help students not just for a few years until the money is spent, as other senior class gifts have done, but as long as St. Thomas is in existence.

To help us reach our goal, the Old Guard alumni of St. Thomas (classes that graduated 50 or more years ago) have offered to match the gift of every member of the senior class. Their generous offer means that our scholarship will benefit twice as much as from your gift alone.

But we need your help. Our goal is to have the entire class make a contribution to our gift. A donation of just $25 from each senior – barely the cost of one night out – will help us reach that goal; however, any gift, large or small, will help greatly.

Possibly the easiest way to donate is at Grad Fest, when you pick up your cap and gown. Visit the 2007 Senior Class Gift Web page for more ways to donate and more information about our senior class gift.

Please help our class leave an important legacy by responding positively to the 2007 Senior Class Gift campaign. Let's make this a tremendous success and set the bar higher for future senior classes.

Who says that money and trees can't go hand in hand? Let's make it happen!