Construction is underway on the Iversen Center for Faith and two new residence halls, as well as major renovations inside the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas’ photographer Liam Doyle captured what the process looks like inside and outside of buildings, and renderings show the plans of how the upper quad will look after construction and renovation is completed.

A drone captured what the Iversen Center for Faith construction looks like from the air.


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  1. Dawn Swink

    What happened to all the furniture from the JP2 dorms and faculty residences? There were tons of couches, T.V.s, refrigerators, etc. All of this stuff was in pretty good shape. Will it be used in the new dorms? Otherwise, it would have been nice to let students and staff have a chance at buying it. Instead it was hauled off in trucks to somewhere. ??? Thanks!


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